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This is our time-wasters guide to the biggest and best sports games of all time! Keep checking back every week for new games, and get involved - Tell us your favourite games and top scores on facebook and twitter! :)

Roberto Baggio's Magical Kicks

This was/is easily the most addictive football game on the net, and has been ever since it took up so, so many hours of my time when I should have been studying at University! It's not about trying to beat your mate at penalties, or watching some scratchy graphic push an over-sized football into the net, but trying to find free-kick perfection!

Football Aid's Keepie Uppies

Everyone must remember the one smug kid at school who could supposedly reach 1027 keepie-uppies in the brief period you were actually allowed on the old faithful BBC computers during break-time, and now that you're older, wiser, and with better mouse-control, here is your chance to be that smug kid! Click your mouse furiously to keep the ball up in the air. Again. and again.

Bicycle Kick Champion

As the ball gets crossed in you simply click when you want your player to do a head-over-heels bicycle kick. For some reason we most enjoyed it when playing as Ronaldo, but that might be because we took some odd satisfaction from seeing him flouncing around on the floor whenever we clicked too early! :) Easy to play and addictive once you get going


We're not entirely sure what constitutes a good score on this game, because even our top score of 354 was deemed as 'Rubbish' - and that we should take up knitting!? The gameplay is simple - try and knock as many people over as possible with your football, but we love it as much for the pithy comments from the coach!

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