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  • Football Classics on LoveFilm
  • Last week we reviewed the world's best football movies. But it's not that often that a film can capture the true essence of sport in a believable and realistic way - there is quite simply no way that a script can ever reproduce the drama from sporting moments. That's why it's great that LoveFilm also have a range of classi... read more
  • Greatest Football Films
  • There's not been much by way of 'classic' football on the box over the last few weeks, so, whilst we wait for the Prem to get back under way, we've been busying ourselves with watching classic football movies to get our football fix! We've teamed up with LoveFilm so that you can watch them too - for FREE!  Read our rev... read more
  • Our Unemployed XI
  • Today was the day the footballers had been dreading. 123 Premier League players soon became 123 unemployed ex-Premier League players as clubs gave the FA back their player registrations. Whilst the Rooneys and Andy Carroll's of this world are off sunning themselves, some players are having a fairly miserable time of it, ha... read more
  • It's all about the Money, Money, Money...
  • The Premiership was confirmed as the biggest and most successful football league in the world yesterday, with the release of Deloitte's annual Football Finance review. The Premier League clubs raked in over £2 billion - over £700m more than their nearest challengers! The Premier League clubs shared revenues of ... read more
  • The Big Boys Start Spending
  • The transfer window has well and truly opened, with 3 of the Big 4 teams making new acquisitions today, with a combined total of over £35m spent in one day! Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal all had their cheque books out. One club spent £20m, another spent £17m, and the last one spent just £... read more
  • The Best Transfer Rumours
  • It's been a funny old week for football. With all eyes (in the UK at least) on the FIFA election, everyone else in the football seems to have stopped doing anything! In spite of all the top clubs supposedly having large war-chests to help their bids for the title next year, very few clubs have actually signed anyone! With... read more
  • More Tears for United Fans
  • Having just about recovered from the match on Saturday, Manchester United fans will have the tissues back out as they bid a tearful farewell to a man who has become and absolute legend at the club over the last 18 years of his playing career.  Paul Scholes has retired. Everyone knew it would be coming sooner or later, bu... read more
  • Rooney vs Messi
  • The day has finally arrived, and at CTP Towers we're more excited than we've been at any other point in the season!  This is it, the biggest game of the club football calendar, and with club teams generally assumed to play better football than international ones, today will arguably be the highest-quality football match i... read more
  • Big Money Transfers this Summer
  • Manchester United have already stolen a march on their Premier League rivals with the £17 million signing of up and coming goalkeeper David de Gea (who looks like a class act!) In the olden days (i.e. pre-Abramovich) we would have all been shocked at the monumental sums involved, but these days that's looking like a buy ... read more
  • Top 5 2010/11 Signings
  • With the title-race coming to a close, and the great and good of the Premier League starting to wind down, its time to evaluate who have been the best buys of the season. Next week, with no actual football to concentrate on, the transfer rumour mill will begin in earnest (and we'll be bringing you all the biggest and best sto... read more

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