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Contact The Players.com have launched fanmail into the 21st Century!

Our website is the first in the world to allow fans to send and receive messages from their favourite sporting heroes.

Postal fanmail has long been a problem for the whole of the sports world, with clubs, players and agents all swamped by thousands of letters every week – the sheer volume meaning that many of them aren’t even opened, let alone read and responded to. Plus it costs a lot of money for the fans (postage) and the players (postage, printing costs, time).

Our History

We started off life in February 2007 as a free-to-use service, surviving on advertising revenues. Fans submitted messages to footballers via an online form. We then processed and printed the messages, and sent them out to the football players at their training grounds. Players were only able to respond by emailing us with their reaction, which was far from an ideal situation.

Since the 2009/10 season, we have been negotiating with some of the largest sports agencies in the world in order to let the players know about the fantastic services we offer, and get them responding to their fanmail online.

At the same time, we were re-developing the website, with some cutting edge features that will allow the players to get closer to the fans than ever before.

Our Re-launch

In March 2010, we re-launched with a brand new, purpose-built website allowing the players to reply to messages online, and offer fans a chance to get to know them a little better - with answers to the most asked fan questions, galleries, videos, freebies and even the opportunity to create a Blog.

Sadly, we had to move away from our free-to-use model in order to offer players a reason to respond to messages, and to cover our server, postage, agency and website costs, but we’re confident that the service we offer is well worth the small fee we place on each message. By charging for each message, we can also be sure that players won’t receive spam messages, and that messages are relevant and have been thought about, whilst also cutting down on the number of messages – meaning fans have a better chance of getting a response than ever!

Our Future

We started with a big splash offering our services in the English Premier League, English Championship and Scottish Premier League, and have now extended our reach to offer fans the chance to send messages to some of the world's top golfers, cricketers and rugby players.  And we're not stopping there - we want to offer fans access to more players in more sports!  Our contracts with some of the sports biggest global agencies means that we will be the only ones who can bring you some of the world’s top stars.

Watch this space!